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גבריאל (שם)


Gabriel (Name)

Inked by: @sbrawermia by @ane_aleksandra at @IrisTattooArt⁠ ,Miami

Seth from Miami wrote: “Unfortunately this case is one of loss, sadness and remembrance. Over a year ago, my girlfriend and I experienced the loss of our first child. In fact, it was a stillbirth. We had headed to the hospital imagining that we were going to be delivering a healthy baby boy who had spent 9 loving months in the womb, but as it turns out he had already passed a couple of days prior, due to a very random complication. So, as you can imagine, instead of a joyful event what followed was the worst experience of our lives. Our son’s name was Gabriel.⁠

As for anyone who experiences loss of this nature, it leaves a hole in your life that can never be fully filled. I have struggled with how to properly honor and remember my son’s life, even though it was incredibly short in earthly terms. I do not ever want to minimize or be casual with his existence, or what he means to us.”⁠

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