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Gabriel designs art for tattoos. We’re not a tattoo studio and therefore do not tattoo his art ourselves. However, with 15 years of experience designing unique art to be inked on our clients, we have a long list of excellent tattooists we work with. At least one of them probably works close to where you live. Below, you’ll find 11 points that clarify a few things that may not be self-evident. Please take the time to go through them.

We generally try not to schedule work for more than 4 months ahead, so at any given time Gabriel has a waitlist of roughly 3 to 4 months. However, when you take into account finding the right wording, the right time for a Zoom meeting, etc, it may well take 6 months from your initial email until Gabriel’s art is on your skin. Please come with some patience. Of course, we’ll have pretty exact estimations of the waitlist before you commit and you’ll have an exact due date once you pay.

As much as he would love to, Gabriel cannot possibly accept all artworks he is asked to create. So he chooses his projects carefully. Please don’t take it personally if your idea doesn’t make it to the stage of being created. It says nothing about your idea as such and is simply and solely a question of Gabriel’s availability. David will let you know within a few emails if Gabriel has chosen to work on your project.

Each artwork Gabriel draws is the expression of his reflections on a specific person’s story. Therefore he does not resell, redraw, recreate, or redo any past work. If you would like to have his art on your skin, please make the effort of talking to us about your ideas so he can make sure your design will be unique, just yours, and only on your skin.

All works are sent as high resolution [6469px by 6469px] TIFF files as well as, in most cases, 3D models [OBJs] and renders of those models. We do not send physical copies of tattoo stencils.

Gabriel will sometimes make small and specific changes to his work if you ask him to. Keep in mind these changes will be tweaks, rather than essential changes to the design, and he will add changes only if they don’t go against the art.

That’s the reason both Gabriel and David take a lot of time and effort up-front, conceptualizing a coherent and valuable project and advising you on the wording and the possibilities of tattoos in general, as well as calligraphy tattoos specifically. They will make sure your project is described and communicated meticulously before Gabriel sharpens his pencil, mixes his ink, and sits down to draw. You’ll notice.

All payments are upfront.

We offer payment options by PayPal or Credit Card. We’ll happily split any payment paid with a credit card into 4 equal, monthly, zero interest installments. Unfortunately, we can’t offer to split the payment if you choose PayPal.

All prices are in US Dollars and include all taxes and fees. Any price offer is good for 30 days from the day it is given. The same is true for your place on Gabriel’s list.

As all of Gabriel’s art is commissioned, each project is priced individually. Prices range from U$750 and several thousand U$D.

Very generally speaking, these prices reflect the complexity of your artwork. A roaring lion, created from a whole bible chapter, would be pricier than a straight 3 word line.

One thing that has no influence on the price is the size you envision the tattoo to be. It may have an influence on what your tattooist will charge, but it will not change the price of the art itself, which is easily scalable.

Naturally, you don’t commit to anything before you pay. The initial consultation with David is free of charge and Tamar will be able to give you a general ballpark of the price once we have a concept for your artwork.

We don’t send sketches of a work in progress.

There is something intimate about any artistic process and Gabriel prefers to keep that intimacy, so we don’t ever send anything that isn’t a work Gabriel stands behind, 100%. In other words: the finished artwork.

The show must go on, and in order to keep the show going on, we continuously publish Gabriel’s work on social media, in blogs, in printed media etc.
If you would like us to not mention your name on social media when publishing your piece, or if you would like to write the post yourself, please let us know. Your privacy is key, so we are pretty flexible about everything.

Gabriel creates art. Your tattooist will tattoo it. These are two separate processes.

We are very invested in finding the best possible tattooist for you and with 15 years of experience, we have a very long list of trusted tattooers in almost every major city in the western world, many of whom work in some of the industry’s leading studios.

However, we are not associated with any of them. In no case and under no circumstance will we receive any kind of payment or commission for our recommendation, so you can be assured that if Gabriel recommends someone, the only thing guiding him is the quality of your tattoo. Always. No exceptions.