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The Team

Over the years, Gabriel has gathered a small group of people dedicated to facilitating his artistic process.
That team makes sure Gabriel has the conditions necessary to create tattoo art, unique to each person who commissions it.
Next to technical assistants and a studio manager, Tamar will be with you throughout the journey, David will help you choose the right text for your piece, and Daniel will create a 3D model of your chosen placement that Gabriel will work with. 

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David is located in Tzfat and is our man of words. He will look for the right verses, quotes or poems, advise you on Hebrew grammar, and work out the basics of your design with you. As most of the requests we receive relate to some extent to the scripts and often require quite a deep understanding of the different linguistic and religious/spiritual interconnections in order to find just the right wording, that’s his sole focus.


Born in Jerusalem and raised between Israel and LA, Tamar takes care of customer relationships at Hebrew Tattoos. She will be your touchpoint during your journey with us, from the first moment of contact until you start practicing the aftercare for your tattoo. Whatever question you may have at any point with us, she’ll have the answer.
Gabriel and Tamar know each other from their wild years, in the early 2000s. After sharing a campus in Jerusalem, where Tamar studied vocal performance at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, they each started exploring the world. Tamar moved to New York in late 2013, but has since moved on to live the life of a digital nomad. Team meetings will often start with ‘So, where are you today, Tamar?’ And literally no answer could surprise us, at this point. Whenever she’s not busy handling three creative people and countless clients on 5 continents, she is staring at the Taj Mahal, trekking Tibet, crossing the US on a motorcycle, looking for the best Pizza in Italy [Fratelli Cafasso in Napoli, in case you were wondering], or planning a trip through Latin America. Just ask her where she is at this moment, whenever you have her on the phone!

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Daniel - 3D Artist

In order to bridge the gap between the two dimensions of Gabriel’s paper and the 3 dimensions of the human body, Daniel creates 3D models of Gabriel’s clients, whenever necessary. Ever since the technology became available, Gabriel and Daniel worked relentlessly to create a workflow to make it possible for clients to scan themselves at home. They then send in their materials for Daniel to turn into a 3D model with their particular body image so that Gabriel can correctly place the art as it is going to look when finally inked.

Daniel lives in Berlin, which means he gets to see Gabriel in person in the studio a few times a week, unlike the rest of our international team.